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Geoffrey J. Eiten, president of OTC Research Corp., and publisher of OTC Growth Stock Watch, had an early start in his career in investments.

By the age of seventeen, Geoffrey Eiten was working in a brokerage house, filing leads and absorbing every iota of knowledge he could from the people around him. He analyzed the companies and stocks his employer represented, investing hours in research and endlessly plotting growth campaigns and investment strategies. His mind was naturally attuned to the ebb and flow of the market, and he nurtured an innate ability to target stocks and companies with tremendous growth potential.

As a natural progression, Geoff became a broker focused on small-cap stocks. Having worked with small-cap stocks for a several years, Mr. Eiten discovered many great companies with sound fundamentals. Many of these companies, however, had limited reach to the larger investment community. To address this lack of publicity and communicate good investment stories to his brokerage clients, in 1979 Mr. Eiten established OTC Research Corporation, which started publishing OTC Growth Stock Watch™ (GSW), a subscription-based monthly newsletter, which features high-performance NASDAQ stocks.

Today, a little more than 30 years from his position as a clerk in the brokerage firm, Mr. Eiten is well known in the investment community as a seasoned financial professional with extensive experience in following growth stocks. Mr. Eiten reached first place in the CNBC/USA Today Investment Challenge, turning $500,000 into $1,356,102 in just six weeks – a remarkable 171% gain.

In a more recent, MSNBC Investment Challenge, Mr. Eiten placed third out of 800 contestants by turning $1 million into more than $2.5 million, proving how experience and skill can, indeed, affect a portfolio.

Many leading financial news sources such as Barrons, Fortune, The Investment Reporter, CNBC's Market Mavens regularly quote Mr. Eiten's market commentaries. Dick Davis Digest, Investor's Digest, CNBC's Market Mavens, and Institutional Investor consistently refer to OTC Growth Stock.

Geoff has been a contributing editor to Bull & Bear, Equities Magazine, and The Investment Reporter, and he has appeared as a guest analyst on the Financial News Network.

In addition to publishing OTC Growth Stock Watch and Technology Stock Watch, monthly subscription-based stock advisories, Geoff has also taken his experience in the field of financial analysis and used it to create a thriving business in a previously ignored market niche – the representation of investor relations for small-cap and emerging growth companies. In 1992, Geoff established what is today known as National Financial Communications Corporation (NFC). Adhering to the sound principles of integrity in reporting, equity in analysis, and non-partisanship in representation, Geoff has augmented his already stellar reputation as an industry publisher with a new facet – as investor relations counselor and sage.


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