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If you are looking for a reliable, easy, and proven way to discover high performance, affordable stocks, subscribe to OTC Growth Stock Watch – make a sound investment today for greater returns tomorrow!

Published since 1979, OTC Growth Stock Watch (OTC-GSW) has earned its place as one of the most respected and referred-to guides to discovering high-performance NASDAQ Stocks. OTC-GSW is regularly referenced by Barrons, Fortune, The Investment Reporter, CNBC's Market Mavens and other leading financial news sources.

Geoffrey Eiten’s commentary on the latest developments in the various financial markets appears each month in the newsletter. You will find this well worth reading. Each issue of OTC Growth Stock Watch also features one in-depth company report printed in a straightforward, easy-to-read format. The majority of OTC Growth Stock Watch is taken up with the latest information on previously recommended stocks. Many readers consider this one of the strongest aspects of the newsletter - the updates are detailed, and specific advice to buy, sell or hold is given for each stock.

Geared toward aggressive, growth-oriented investors, OTC Growth Stock Watch reports on companies with a market capitalization under $100 million dollars, which meet a set of Publisher and Chief Analyst Geoffrey Eiten’s rigid performance criteria: minimum 2-to-1 current ratio, minimal or no long-term debt, niche-oriented products and services, and an annual growth rate of over 20%.

Since very few public corporations meet OTC-GSW's rigid performance criteria, the GSW staff must investigate literally hundreds of companies each month. After thorough research and analysis, OTC-GSW is edited, printed, and mailed first-class to your home or business, guaranteeing current information you can put to use right away. Since timing is of great importance in buying stocks, you can opt to have the monthly newsletter emailed or faxed to you – a service that comes with subscription at no extra charge.

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