Our Readers Comment On the Newsletters:

"Geoff Eiten sets a high standard for creativity in finding undiscovered micro-cap stocks. His OTC Growth Stock Watch is a "must-read" for my staff at Westergaard Publishing Corporation and, indeed, for any analyst or portfolio manager working with stocks under $100 million market cap." - John Westergaard, president, Westergaard Publishing Corp.

"OTC Growth Stock Watch finds good companies early on . . . Eiten does a great job!" - Robert Flaherty, editor, Equities Magazine

"OTC Growth Stock Watch has an impressive record of finding emerging growth companies before they become well known. Geoff Eiten’s analysis of each company is one of the most thorough and comprehensive that I have read." - Richard Geist, editor, Strategic Investing

"I’m impressed by the personal attention I receive as a subscriber. Unlimited access to inside advice from a seasoned investor like Mr. Eiten is alone worth more than the price of my subscription. It’s great!" - David S., Investor, Newport, RI

"The company profiles are clear and concise, and the financial analyses are unbiased and accurate. GSW gives me the information I need to successfully manage - and grow - my clients’ portfolios." - S. L. Lindner Investments

"I just canceled my subscription to several other newsletters. Geoff Eiten’s picks are all that I need." - Robert. S., Texas

"I rely on GSW to make all important investment decisions. Eiten tells me what to buy and when." - Steven. J. TTU Alumni Investment Club


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