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Geoffrey Eiten, publisher of OTC Growth Stock Watch, is a seasoned financial communications consultant of more than 30 years. In an MSNBC Investment Challenge, Mr. Eiten placed third out of 800 contestants by turning $1 million into more than $2.5 million, showing how experience and skill can affect a portfolio. more...

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Disclaimer: OTC Growth Stock Watch, published by OTC Research Corp., endeavors to supply its subscribers with sound opinions and advice based on publicly available information from sources believed to be reliable, but makes no representation as to its accuracy or completeness. Opinions and advice of OTC Growth Stock Watch are not based upon individual needs or investment objectives of subscribers nor are they an offer to buy or sell securities. Since many of the companies featured in each issue may carry above average risk, OTC Growth Stock Watch recommendations should be considered only by investors financially able to purchase speculative stocks. OTC Growth Stock Watch, its affiliates and subsidiaries and/or their officers and employees may from time to time acquire, hold or sell a position in the securities mentioned in its newsletters. Upon request, the Company will be pleased to furnish specific information in this regard. Additional information on any securities discussed is available upon request.

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